Although during the time of the WWl, WWll, Korea & the Vietnam War, our women veterans did not carry weapons for most were nurses,some were office personel. They were hero's in the eyes of many a soldier. Not just for their compassion towards the wounded but they also just plain treated  you like a normal person........realizing that you were there to do a job, however scared also not only for the sites you've seen - but that you were young also!!

Now as for over in Kuwait (Desert Storm) well, since I was not there I can say this about our women veterans that were there..................yes, you've made us proud and I say they did one h _ _ _  of a job. They can & are one of the best.

Thank you Women Veterans of then and now


We'd like to thank Captain Barbara A. Wilson, USAF (Ret), MA, MBA for graciously allowing us use these links.

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